Pretty Fall Burlap Pumpkins

Last year after a wall-hanging project that went wrong, really wrong, I found myself with an excess of burlap.  This isn’t really a bad thing, since I can usually find something to make with burlap.

Burlap and pallets (the pallet thing is kind of a joke, I think my husband really was afraid I was going to start making everything out of pallets at one point).

Anyway, I had some old pumpkins that were dented from multiple moves, a couple from the Dollar Tree, and a string of really nice garland that I got at Micheals for only $6.00 because it was 80% off.  I swear, it is possible to find good deals on stuff if I can only get to the stores once in a while WITHOUT CHILDREN.  That’s the key, otherwise I spend my time just trying to keep track of my kids and keep the screaming to a minimum.

Okay, here comes the easy part.  So depending on the size of the pumpkin, I measured out enough burlap so that it would cover the pumpkin on all sides, between six to twelve inches, and cut the burlap into a circle-like shape.  Not aiming for perfection around here, just kinda like a circle, you can trim any excess burlap from the top when you’re done.

Then I wrapped the pumpkin and tied it off with a some thin ribbon (only because I couldn’t find my twine).

Next, I cut my garland into sections long enough to fit around the pumpkin and secured it tightly around the top.  I glued the ends of the garland on tightly so that there wouldn’t be any chance they would come undone and voilà, fancy burlap pumpkins.

Now that I’m addicted to Pinterest, I have see all kinds of pumpkins that can be made and filled with anything from pillow fluff to plastic shopping bags.  I will definitely be making some of those in the future, but these were easy cheesy and I thought of them myself.  Not too shabby….if I do say so myself.

Pretty Fall Burlap Pumpkins


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