Trick or Treat 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Well, we survived another year of trick or treating.  Actually, I love, love, love our neighborhood sooo much. It is the best place to trick or treat because of all of the kids and families, so fun and safe, everyone knows everyone and it makes everything really stress free.  If only I could be a little more organized.  For some reason, I can never get good pictures of the kids before all the chaos starts. The kids are good with getting their outfits on, except for Indies.  She never wants to get dressed, put on shoes, makeup, or even pants on and is usually crying by the time we leave.  Then I’m fussing with her, kids are ringing the doorbell, my kids are excited, impatient, wanting to start because they think the candy is going to run out if we don’t leave right now and I miss getting a picture of them.  I attempt to get one an hour later when they have been running loose, Cormac has already eaten most of his candy, and Indies is delirious with excitement (Cella is good to go, she is always up for a chance to pose).

Oh well, they had fun, I had fun decorating, and we have all had fun eating the candy.  I think I’m going to impose the “its gone after Sunday” rule this year, just to save our teeth……and my waistline.  I’m off to eat a Milky Way, if there are any left 🙂


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