Booger Rock


All I can say is it has been a “neat” week (with the word “neat” not being a good thing).  I’m hoping it was the time change but for some reason everyone was off their rocker.  As I write this post the episode of Seinfeld with Frank Costanza yelling “serenity now” and waving his hands over his head in order to lower his stress level comes into mind and it makes me laugh. Frank always makes me laugh, I think he might be my favorite character on that show. He was always yelling and frustrated at something or someone, pretty much how I felt this week.

A good example was when Indies stuck a rock up her left nostril while I was on the phone with the elementary school.  It went so far up there that I actually started to take her to the doctor because she wouldn’t let me try and get it out.  She would not hold still and it actually went from where I could see it, to where I couldn’t see it anymore.  Half way to the doctor’s office, due to all her kicking, screaming, and carrying on, the darn thing slid back down to where I could see it, so I pulled over and yanked it out. Yup, that’s my girl, I’m so proud.  Oh well, already laughing about it and kept the rock to put in her keepsake box.  I’m sure she’ll thank me later.

P.S. –  I looked up the definition of serenity on my dictionary app just for fun and it stated “a disposition free from stress or emotion”………, ya, that is never, ever, going to happen. Ever.

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