Christmas Paper Trees – Easy DIY Decor

Paper Christmas Tree Decoration
Last year I became obsessed with making Christmas tress to decorate and this year I wanted to do more but in a different way ( I know, I know it’s still an obsession…….I’m working on it).  I just have so many shelves and mantles to fill up, the possibilities are endless.
Anyway, one thing our house is never going to run out of is books.  Our family loves to read and we have tons of books, literally, probably tons, so when I saw this tutorial on book trees, I thought these would be perfect for our next “Try It Tuesday” and luckily Tabitha agreed.
The instructions are laid out on Kayla Aimee’s blog really well , so Tabitha and I got to work.  While we were folding we decided we needed to have a set of three trees. My mom always told me you should do things in sets of threes, so we planned on doing a rolled paper tree.  We’d seen these before and luckily there was another great tutorial for this on the same blog. Rolled Paper Tree instructions are here.
We finished the first tree easy cheesy.  We added a star to the top from some old scrapbook paper and I used a small wooden candle holder painted gold as the base for my tree.
Folded Paper Book Tree

Folded Paper Book Tree

Tree #2 – For the rolled paper tree we deviated from the instructions a little (we tend to do that).  Instead of using a styrofoam cone, we used a paper mache cone from Micheals since they were only $2.49 and 30% off the week I went shopping.  We cut the pages, rolled the strips and then began attaching strips to the tree starting at the bottom and working our way up.  First we used a gluestick, which would have worked fine…….if you have patience, which we do not…..and as previously mentioned, everyone knows I love my glue gun, so we plugged that baby in and went to town.We were done with both trees fifteen minutes later.
Here are Tabitha’s finished trees:
Paper Christmas Trees
We were done with both trees fifteen minutes later.  After Tabitha left I wanted to put a little sparkle to the pages so I took some Rustoleum Hammered spray paint I had lying around (away from the kiddos of course) and lightly sprayed the pages to give them a hint of color and sparkle. Then I glued (hot-glued of course) a Christmas bell to the top and wa-la, tree #2 complete.
Roller Paper Christmas Tree
So now we just need to complete tree #3. I feel some sort of burlap experience coming on…..any suggestions?
See ya next Tuesday,
Summer and Tabitha

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