Big Ol’ Porch Christmas Sign

Big Ol' Porch Christmas Sign

Big Ol' Porch Christmas Sign

Okay, once I made my Big Ol’ Welcome Porch Sign, I knew that I would be able to flip the sign over and have something for Christmas easy cheesy.  I guess I just didn’t realize how easy…..and cheap…..and fast….it would be.

The longest part of this project was driving to town and then waiting for the glue to dry. The other steps took five minutes. I can live with projects like that!

Since my board was already weathered from when I made the Welcome sign (you know, spraying it with the $.99 white spray paint that is so weak it looks like it is weathered because it doesn’t adhere very well).  I just had to purchase my letters, my stars, and decorate.

I used chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby at 50% off so the total was $3 bucks. I painted them red with some “holiday red” acrylic paint I had lying around. When those were dry I centered them where I wanted and glued them on using wood glue.

Next I used a couple of red sparkly stars I purchased from the Dollar Tree and nailed those on using the small holes at the top of the stars (the holes were meant for string since they were supposed to be used as ornaments or window hangings). Total $2 bucks.

Finally, I wanted to add a little depth to the sign since the word “JOY” was so short, so I cut a couple of pieces of pallet wood I had hanging around the same width of the board, painted them with the same cheap spray paint, and glued one above a star, and one below a star.

And………walah! Done, done, and done. So happy with this sign.  Even though we have a deep porch you can see the sign from the street and it is so festive.  I love, love, love this time of year and am so glad that I have more time now to have fun decorating…….Now if I can just finish the rest of the porch, and the tree, and the mantel, and above the kitchen cabinets….you get the picture.

Big Ol' Porch Christmas Sign                Big Ol' Porch Christmas Sign

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