Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Eight days until ChristmasOkay party people, we are getting close here and I was just finally able to watch all of ELF and Christmas Vacation yesterday for pete’s sake!

This was the year that I was going to be organized, have everything baked, all the presents bought, and be sitting back, relaxing, drinking my wine by the fire every night the last couple of weeks of December.  I’d be glowing with with happiness because I was done with all of the Christmas chaos……ahhhhh………but nay.

Instead, I am driving home today at 6pm, grumpy after feeding my kids fast food, while I finished wrapping presents (most of which I had bought ahead of time, thank you very much) in the front seat of the car before waiting in line at the UPS store to get stuff mailed on time.  I’m one of those people. AGAIN! How depressing. It seems no matter how much time I had, I somehow squandered it.  I’m therefore disappointed with myself, better luck net year I guess.

On the bright side, the kids are doing good with their service Christmas Advent Calendar, even if we’ve had to do two or three things on one day to catch up. We’re all making the effort and the kids are having fun thinking about others, and realizing that doing good things for people is easy and feels good.

I guess in the end, as I realize my chalkboard needs to be changed from “8”  to “7” days until Christmas (because I didn’t post this in time), I need to remind myself to focus on the positive.  Today in the car (and we were in the car most of the day) Indies and Cella were singing Jingle Bells.  And although they were fighting  because they each wanted the other to “zip it” so they could sing by themselves, it was still really sweet.  I’ll take a fighting sister duet of Christmas tunes to keep me wrapping, shopping, and baking for another seven days any day, because I know I am I soooo lucky.  I’ll stop whining now and get back to work.

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