House of Germs

House of Germs

Well,  I have to say that 2014 has started out with less of a bang and more of a cough, whimper, sneeze, and lots and lots of mucus.  Usually it’s the hubby (who we joke has the immune system of a 90-year-old) that gets sick, but somehow the kids and I have passed around some nasty stuff and managed to keep each other sick for a couple of weeks now.

On the bright side, while becoming increasingly more empathetic for Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining, I’ve been reminded just how lucky I am to have normally healthy kids, extra snuggle time, and a warm fire to snuggle by (ya know, due to the polar vortex and all).

Although I love all the snuggle time and I’ll take it every chance I can get it, my mind still doesn’t turn off and my to do list just keeps growing.

There are so many things I want to accomplish this year.  So many things I need to improve upon, so many things to organize, clean, bake, pin….ugh….I’m getting tired again.

One thing I’ve promised myself to get back to is my cleaning routine.  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… okay, just kidding.  A while back I found this post on Pinterest on keeping your house clean with just one chore a day and it worked for me.  I’ve tweaked it a little but mostly kept it the same.

So, starting today it’s back to the schedule.  Today seemed like the perfect day to start because it’s Thursday and the day I get to organize something……my favorite!

Today I’m going to do something crazy and turn all my hangers in my closet the wrong direction.  Then, as I wear and wash items I can hang them back up with the hangers facing the right direction.  After a while it will become apparent what clothes I don’t wear and I’ll know what I need to sell or donate. Seems easy.

I have done this.

It took approximately 5 minutes.

The problem is I don’t hang my yoga pants, or my tank tops.  Both of which I have between 15-20 and pretty much wear daily.  Is that excessive?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Who am I to judge myself?

My task was to organize something.  I’m not sure I accomplished this, but I guess I laid the groundwork to eventually have a more organized closet so I am calling it a win.

I don’t currently have the mental capacity to do anything else.  Maybe when the cloud of Lysol lifts I can think deep thoughts about what to do with all my yoga pants and tank tops.

For now, I’m all in for another My Little Pony marathon, hot chocolate, and of course, some snuggling with the kiddos.

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