Easy Valentine Hugs and Kisses Wreath


Hugs and Kisses Wreath

Hugs and Kisses Wreath

I didn’t have a Valentines wreath for my front door.

But, with all the snow, sickness, and well, more sickness the last couple of weeks, I haven’t had a lot of time to make one, or go to the craft store for materials for that matter.

Then one night while browsing Pinterest I got an idea for a quick and easy Hugs and Kisses wreath using twigs (my favorite free supply) and circular wreaths.

Luckily, when the dollar store had wreaths a couple of weeks back, I picked up a few, since they don’t usually have them and I knew I would use them for something.

This wreath took about 20 minutes.

Here is the final product and you only need seven items:


2 Wreaths (or something circular that you want to use)

Burlap or thick ribbon

Spray paint – I used white and black, but you could choose your colors

Valentines embellishment or garland of your choice

Hot glue gun

Steel ring

To start off, I spray painted my wreaths white.

Easy Creep BranchesThen I took the branches that I had already spray painted black for a Halloween decoration (see picture left) and broke off the smaller limbs and twigs into about 8-12 inch pieces.





Next, I glued the branches together to form an “X”.

I cut a piece of burlap about 46 inches long.  I happened to have some that was the red chevron kind, but you could use any burlap you had on hand.  Mine was about 8 inches wide.

I laid the letters over my strip of burlap and spaced them out 1 inch or so between each one.

I hot glued each one in place.

Finally, folder the corners of the burlap down to make a “V”, wrapped it around the steel ring, secured it with hot glue, and put that baby out on the door.



Hugs and Kisses Wreath

Now I can move on to valentines………


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