Elf on the Shelf Ideas

We have been doing Elf on the Shelf for 3 years now.  His name is Fred.

The first year, since the kids were so young, we just kept him high and moved him around from place to place.

Easy enough (I feel some nights I should have stayed with this plan).

The second year, I thought it would be fun to have him “do stuff”.  Well, if you are thinking the same, be prepared to never go back to just moving him around.

The kids expect this every year.

So, every night after they have fallen asleep you have to get out of your nice warm bed and have your elf doing something fun!

Having a boy and a girl around the same age we have tons of toys so it definitely helps coming up with ideas and of course Pinterest helps too.

The first year of him doing stuff I would just get out of bed and come up with something I had seen online or by standing in their play room and looking around at all of their toys and seeing what I could come up with.

Last year I got smart and made a list. Believe me, this is the way to do it.  You can plan and have everything ready so hopefully your task only takes you around 5 minutes, not 15, and you can get back in your warm comfy bed.

Here’s a list of pictures showing what Fred has done at our house.  Hopefully you will find some you can use.

Let me know your elf’s name what some of your ideas are…I will need some for next year!


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