Laundry Room Organizer

Laundry Room Organizer

Laundry Room Organizer





My laundry room was getting very cluttered with brooms and mops.

I decided to make something behind the door they could hang on.

I am a big fan of things up and off the floor. It makes me feel like the room is cleaner somehow.

This is what it did look like…

Laundry Room Before

Laundry Room Before

Pretty messy, huh??

So, I sent my husband to Lowes to buy a peg board. I roughly measured behind the door to get an idea of how big I needed. He had them cut to my measurements so he didn’t have to do it when he got home.

I already bought 2 yards of fabric from Hobby Lobby, which was a little more than I needed. You would only need to buy for however big your project is. My board is 70″ x  35″.

I laid the fabric down then laid my board on top. Folded the sides over and started hot gluing the fabric down.PicsArt_1392737821067


This is it really. ( Ignore the stain, apparently I had something on my countertop where I laid my fabric. Since I knew it was going to get covered up I didn’t bother with washing it).

Laundry Room Organizer

I did want it to look a little prettier so, I had some of these trimming boards I bought at Michaels for another idea, but didn’t use.

I painted them white and then sprayed painted glitter on top. Everyone needs a little glitter in their life! They are around $2.50 each and I needed 6. I didn’t attach them yet though.

So, if you want to go a cheaper route, I would buy some furring strips at Lowes and cut, nail, and piece together to make a frame.

Next step was to hang my board.  You need to make sure you have enough space between the wall and your board for the peg hooks. Again, if you made a frame you could have mounted to the back and had enough room, but since I had to be difficult and use what I had, I found some shims and glued 2 together to make it even, then glued a few around the backside.

Had my hubby hang it. I glued the trim pieces on after it was hung, you can do it either way.

Then, I added little wood flowers in the corners to cover up my boards that I did not cut at an angle because that would have been more work. I got these little flowers where I had got the trim at Michaels. The bag was around $1.50 for 4.  I painted them a blue and called it done.

Lastly, for the hooks, I just used regular peg board hooks. So, wherever I wanted to put them I just snipped the spot over the hole with a scissors and inserted the hook.

Laundry Room Organizer

And, now my laundry room “appears” cleaner to me…








What do you think? Will you make one?


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