No New Underwear

I have some big news……

No, I’m not getting the band back together.

Actually, it might only be exciting to me (and maybe my husband) but I am pleased to announce that I only had to throw away three pairs of The Destroyer’s underwear last week.  She even has #1 all figured out and leaves the house without a bumpy behind.

This is big progress.

I think maybe only a mom who has had a defiant potty trainee can understand how excited this makes me.

For a while I was really beginning to think she wasn’t going to be able to go to preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, elementary school, and so forth, therefore not succeeding in life.

I got lots of advice from different people trying to help, but she was anti-every idea we could come up with.  Even the pediatrician’s suggestion, that he says has never failed, didn’t work.  She didn’t care about toys, prizes, candy, and getting to be a “big girl”.  Finally, I just started to leave her alone about it and began thinking about home school.

So, I am pretty darned excited with this progress.  I wanted to make sure this time is marked in history forever.

But I guess she has her own perspective on her growth.  The other day when I told her I was proud of her and that she’s really getting big, she said “Yes, but I’m still not big enough to clean my own room”.  Hmm.

Maybe this whole time she was smart enough to know that if she conquered this task, it would lead to additional expectations.

Maybe she already has all of this thought out.

Maybe this was her plan all along, to take as long as possible to stress me out.

Maybe she is already smarter than me….



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