Walnuts and Wood

Walnuts and Wood

Even wordy old me can make this post short and sweet.

This is about as “Simple” as you can get:

Walnuts and Wood scratch2

Scratches no more accomplished by rubbing the scratches with a walnut……..  A walnut people!  Seriously! I had read about this on Pinterest but never tried it.  I guess I just hadn’t found the time.

For someone with kids and a lot of wood in their house this is one of those life-changing life hacks. I thought I should share it with you just in case you were like me and always wondered if it really worked.

It does!

Just make sure you have a vacuum close by to get up the walnut crumbs that break all over the place.

If you can handle that, you’re golden.

Give it a try.

That is all.

See, I told you I could make this post short. 🙂

Walnuts and Wood


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