Easy Halloween Craft – I’ll Be Watching You

Halloween Eyes Boo Wreath

Halloween Eyes Boo Wreath

Right now I’m sitting in my little temporary housing apartment while we wait to be able to move into our new house.  It’s been torturous that I haven’t been able to make anything substantially crafty for the last couple of months. I don’t have any of my tools or craft stuff and definitely any of the space I once had.

Normally, putting something together helps to free my mind from other things that plague it.  Worries mostly.  So, instead I’m eating a donut, reading through old posts.

Healthy and nostalgic.

I decided to repost our Halloween Eyes Boo Wreath here because it’s actually one of my favorite things that Tabitha and I made.  Super cute and fun to make.

Y’all still have time to get to the dollar store and round up those ping pong balls and pool noodles before they’re gone, so get going and make yourself one.  Fast, fun, and it will make me feel better knowing that others are being crafty on my behalf.  Come on, help a sister out.

I will go back to my donut eating now.  😉


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