B KIND Campaign – Fighting Breast Cancer

B Kind

B Kind

I am so honored to get to take part in this amazing B Kind Campaign, supporting an amazing cause and woman. One of my smudge sticks will be included in each beautiful kit.  I designed them especially for this campaign and am so proud of how they turned out.  Check out the details below and please head on over to Feel Good Scripts for more info.

Good Scripts, in loving collaboration with Little Miss Everything in Brentwood, CA, Myla James Jewelry, (Please check out Instagram Myla_James) and KeepItSimpleSummer in Reno, NV, are incredibly blessed and honored to come together for this incredible B Kind Campaign.  We hope to increase awareness and educate others about breast cancer, and increase support for those who are battling the disease currently.  We have collaborated to make a limited edition B Kind Feel Good Kit in support, and in honor of all those who are battling breast cancer.  This special kit will include informative information about the disease, treatment options, and give you an opportunity to donate to The Metavivor organization which donates 100% to stage IV breast cancer research.  Please go to www.metavivor.org for more information.  We will also be donating another portion of the proceeds from this kit to a fund that will help a close mommy friend of three young children currently battling stage IV breast cancer.


This special limited edition fundraising campaign will include:  Free Shipping, Valuable information on this disease, treatment options, an intimate first-hand account, special navy blue tee and black tote made by Little Miss EverythingFeel Good Scripts products, an all natural Pink nail polish by Piggy Paint (pink color may vary), a beautiful handmade smudge stick by KeepItSimpleSummer, with juniper, sage, and rose, and a gorgeous one-of-a-kind handcrafted 14 K hammered bracelet with 3 gorgeous Herkimer Diamonds by Myla James.  These particular stones are the most powerful of all Quartz crystals.  They have the abilities to transmit energies and receive spiritual energies and focus directly and with intention.  They will give the wearer strength and the ability to handle difficult challenges.  

Don’t forget to indicate your tee shirt size along with your bracelet size.  Available sizes are S-2XL.  Size Medium fits ladies 6-8 comfortably.  

Thank you for taking part in this incredible journey with us to help support those women and men who are battling breast cancer currently and those we have tragically lost to this disease.  Together we can make a difference through love, support, education, and awareness.  

This campaign is dedicated to a special friend who is battling Stage IV breast cancer.  Her wish is to spread kindness to others.  She wishes that we could always B Kind and show more love to others and especially to each other.  We would like to honor her and others with Feel Good vibes, prayers, and to spread kindness as often and as much as we can.  

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