Pumpkin Painting Party

Last Sunday we hosted our first annual pumpkin painting party. I have to admit, it was a bit of a cluster, I ended up being at the pumpkin patch longer than intended and didn’t get home as early as I wanted to get set up, but things were still ready and I think the kiddos had a blast.  All the kids had to bring was a pumpkin and I provided the paint and paintbrushes and they went to town.  We used cupcake tins to hold different colors of paint, which worked pretty well except we had to put  small rocks in them to make sure they didn’t blow away.  That darn Kansas wind.

At the end there were treats and drinks and someone even won a “door prize”.  We had a great turn out and the kids all did a great job painting.  They even stood by the tables at the end and let us take a group shot, what troopers!  I think next year I will try and come up with some way to let each child have their own palette of paint and try and incorporate some games.  Surely I can get some kids to bob for apples, people still do that right?

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