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Ok, I admit it.  I am one of those people who’s put off making their kids do chores around the house because, let’s face it, they don’t do a good job.

They pretty much suck at it.

Gasp. Ooh, ouch, how mean. I know, I know it’s harsh but it’s also reality.  By my type A, super picky, down right anal opinion, the kids do a substandard job.

Now, you don’t need to point me in the direction of any articles that will tell me the benefits of giving them chores to do at an early age.   I’ve read them and know chores teach them responsibility, self-reliance, and helps them become self-sufficient.  But really, it’s such an inconvenience when I have to go behind them (secretly) and redo things “my” way (the right way).

My husband gives me a hard time about not making the kids help around the house and he’s right (begrudgingly), but it’s just sooooo painful. Not only does the whining and complaining claw at my already exposed nerves, but by the time they have actually done their chores it feels like it’s been an eternity and I could have completed the jobs about four hours earlier.


Nevertheless, I’ve finally caved and understand that eventually things will get better.

Eventually the munchkins will be able to do their chores up to my standard.

Eventually the whining will stop (ha ha, just kidding, not holding my breath there), and eventually I will get the stick out of my butt that makes this whole situation annoying to me to begin with.

While I’m waiting for this magical time to arrive, I came up with these cute, easy, and cheap chore charts.  They’re hanging in our kitchen at kid eye level for the kids to use.

Nothing complicated, no rocket science, magnets or chalk paint involved.  I didn’t even get to use my glue gun (boo).  Just a trip to the dollar store for some clipboards, clothespins, and hooks and I was in business.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Clipboards
  • Washi tape
  • Sharpie
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Modge-podge or spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Letter Stickers / embellishments
  • Plastic hooks (to hang the clipboards from, or you could use Command hooks, or a small nail)

Okay so here are the instructions. Please pay attention, they are super complicated (just kidding).

First, decorate a clip board with some scrapbook paper.  Then add “To Do” and “Done” at the top with stickers or use your Sharpie.  Next, add some washi tape to each side of however many clothespins you need for the amount of chores you have. Then write the chores on them with your Sharpie.  Finally, hang up the clipboards and start clipping away.  The kids can move the clips to the “Done” side when they have finished their chore and they even think that’s kind of fun (for now).



One tip, make more washi clothespins than you think you’ll need.  I keep finding chores that I want to give to the kids.  I must admit, there are a lot more little things I can have them do than I initially thought.  Who knew??

Happy Housekeeping,


IMG_8483 Chore charts


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